Oakland Native Makes Film About Battle with Depression

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East Bay Times

Jules Bruff

Jules Bruff’s aspirations of making it big in Hollywood as an actress, writer, producer or director—perhaps all four—has just become intensely personal.

She has turned the camera on herself.

Bruff, an Oakland native, is starring in “Part Time Fabulous,” an 80-minute movie that she plans to enter in the Sundance Film Festival on Sept. 20—or in as many film festivals as it takes to achieve recognition.

Bruff also is the film’s co-writer and co-producer. The director is Alethea Root.

The movie’s subtitle, “Exposing the truth about her dirty little secret,”suggests someone who’s been living with something awful for a long time. That someone would be Bruff. Her dirty little secret? Clinical depression. She was diagnosed with it at age 20.

“It’s semi-autobiographical, this story,” she said last Friday at the Thornhill Coffee House upon returning to Oakland for a weekend visit with her family. “It’s a hybrid of a narrative story and a documentary.”