Berkshire Fine Arts

A Berkshire native, Alethea Root’s career as a director started at Monument High School. Standing in front of the Beacon Cinema in Pittsfield, Massachusetts just before the Sunday morning screening of her first feature film, “Part Time Fabulous,” Root commented that the play she directed was the “first to make a profit” for the high school.

Let’s hope that luck prevails for the compelling and insightful film she wrote with Jules Bruff, who stars in the film as a woman suffering from clinical depression. That’s defined as a state of depression and anhedonia, or the inability to experience pleasure from normally enjoyable activities, that is so severe that it requires clinical intervention. When Bruff, who is also from the Berkshires, joined the dialogue, they agreed that the film has a narrowly-targeted subject and potential audience, but they want “to make films that matter.”